Saturday, March 2, 2019

Capstone Project for ISTE U's Artificial Intelligence Course

As always, this is a lesson plan in development. Due to NUMEROUS snow/cold days this year, my schedule for teaching this lesson is off track. I am only on day two. I will share reflections and edit my document as needed. Please reach out with suggestions or additions. One area that I have been thinking about, a lot, is assessment. What would assessment look like in this lesson? Currently, I am thinking about growth mindset, creating a product, attitude when debugging, ability to collaborate, and connections with the voice of a character from the book we are reading.

Lesson Plan:

Daily Slides:

Daily Reflection Journal:

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Chatbots! Stand and Share - Part 1

I am taking part in the ISTE U - Artificial Intelligence course!

As a final project, we are required to create a lesson plan to implement new learning. My lesson plan will teach a group of fifth graders about chatbots and then they will create one. This will take place over five days and I will do my best to share what happens as I reflect after each lesson!

Day 1 - Chatbot Introduction

We welcomed students, handled house keeping information, and I introduced myself as a guest teacher. We started with a Stand and Talk.  Students broke into small groups and we handed them a paper. Their directions were to look over the paper as a group and for the next three minutes they would need to start every sentence with the words:

I wonder...
I see...

This activity is one that I learned at the last CSTA MN meeting I went to.

Let me tell you actually how I came across it. In 2016 I attended the Computer Science Facilitators Summit in New Orleans. I met Kaitie O'Bryan at the summit. She is a fellow teacher in MN but she teaches at the high school level. We connected while at the summit and have stayed in touch over Twitter since then. Fast forward to fall of 2018. We were electing new officials for our CSTA chapter and both Kaitie and I are now in leadership roles. She is our President and I am the Vice President. At our meeting in November, we partnered with CodeSavvy. At the beginning of the meeting we participated in two activities that could be used in classrooms. One was on computational thinking that Andrea led. The other was a Stand and Talk that Kaitie shared. She had first learned about it through this math webinar

As an elementary technology integrationist, with a interest in learning more about computer science and teaching it every chance possible, I typically find myself feeling intimidated. I feel like I won't know as much as other people in the room and unsure if I will be able to complete the task. Even though I know this feeling well, I keep putting myself into situations where I am able to take on the task.

I loved this activity!

As I work to teach my students a growth mindset and that there is a lot of value in learning by doing,  it is hard for me to remember at times. This activity put everyone at a level playing field. We were all wondering and talking about what we saw.

Now, back to the lesson.

Here is a glimpse into the classroom.

This is what they had to look at and talk about as a group:

Here are a few of the conversations that I was able to capture:

In the future I will incorporate more Stand and Talks into the beginning of lessons. While the videos above are only small clips of what happened in the classroom, I saw all students sharing what they saw and wondered, I heard them talking about the possibility of it being code and a conversation. I didn't enforce the "stand" part of the activity. This was at the beginning of class and I felt like it was okay for them to choose. If we had done this activity after they had been sitting for a while, I may have enforced the stand part of the activity.

Stay tuned for part two of the lesson when we get hands on with JavaScript and BitsBox!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Student Powered Conference Year 2 Reflections #midmn

Year 2 of the Student Powered Conference was amazing!

Logan kicked off our morning with his keynote. He is a student in Little Falls, MN. His message was about connection. He shared is journey and how a powerful connection with a teacher in his school has changed his life. Get a peek into his keynote here. "Wow Logan, that is awesome. How did you do that?"

With a generous donation from Kwik Trip and a local school district, we were able to share donuts and fruit with students at the conference. Have you ever seen 230 donuts? I am not sure I had until today! 

Are you wondering with 4th-12th graders are passionate about? The  sessions above were our breakout sessions but there were even more as poster sessions in the gym. 

 The team from my school district shared their robotics journey as an elementary team. 

Watch for more information, videos, and photos from the day!

Monday, February 4, 2019

2 Days Away #StudentPoweredConference #StudentVoice #midmn

We are only two days away from the Student Powered Conference!

This year we have opened the conference to kids from 4th grade all the way through 12th grade.

To learn more about the 2018 Student Powered Conference you can visit two resources:

Follow along on Twitter with #midmn 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mentor Hats

Have you ever used the Mentor Hats cards from Columbia College Chicago ?

They are described as:
The Mentor Hats are a playful way to think about how your facilitation, teaching, or mentoring style can impact learning. We all wear different hats. Which do you wear the best? Which would you like to try on? The cards can be used to play a more structured game, or they can simply be used as a discussion and reflection tool to shake up how you approach teaching.

I have seen this used in workshops I have attended and it came up again today in a presentation a friend of mine shared. I have not personally sued them and I am looking for feedback from friends!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hour of Code 2018

The Hour of Code is coming!! 

I will be using some of these resources in schools from the website.

Check them out and feel free to use them too! 

Share your event(s) using #hoc #HourOfCode on Twitter!!