Friday, November 6, 2015

iOS 9+ Tips and Tricks

Helping people is something I like to do.
I get to help many teachers and students during the school day as a Technology Integrationist with in my district. I get to connect with edcuators from around the midwest through conferences and workshops. I get to connect with people all over the world through my Personal Learning Network (PLN.) The majorty of my foucs is helping people who are involved with education. There is one more group of people I connect with a few times a year, these are my Community Education peps! I have tried to offer a variety of classes on different topics and they don't fill up. The one class that I always get to teach is iPad Basics. As I prepare for my next iPad Basics class, I have started to pull some help articles. Here they are:

Code - ISTE 2015

If you were at ISTE did you see any sessions on Coding in Elementary school? 

Here is a link to a session on using the K-5 Curiculum

The Hour of Code is approaching and I am working with teachers in my district to get k-5 students coding. 

We have chosen to set up students in’s  Course 1 or Course 2, depending on their age and ability. Before we go to the computer lab, everyone will participate in two unplugged lessons. Unplugged lessons are teaching strategies without using technology. Below you will find the Google Slide presentation I have shared with teachers in my district who are participating. It is a live document and we will be updating it as needed.

Are you new to The Hour of Code?
It is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. launched in 2013 by co-founders Ali and Hadi Partovi.
(I met Hadi in July and took an #ussie with him!!!)

Many other code companies participate in the Hour of Code. Go to to get started and learn more. You can code at any time, but December 7-1 is the week we celebrate Computer Science Education. Here you will find resources to get started in your classroom, school, or district.

Take a look at this!

All of the green dots and orange markers are places and people who have committed to doing the hour of code with their students. This map is only of the U.S but students all over the world are participating in the event. I found a few great statisitcs from the website:
  • Students are learning in 40 languages
  • Over 100 million students have tried an hour of code
  • More girls tried computer science than in the last 70 years
Join us as we try to reach all students in all schools, everyone should have the opportunity to explore computer science.

Did you know that 65% of scientists with advanced degrees,said their interest for science started before middle school?

To find out more read
Thanks to Andrea WilsonVazquez for this information!!
If you are an elementary teacher, you are probably not surprised. Let’s work together and introduce code to our young learners and see what we can accomplish!

Are you coding with elementary students? If so, what are you doing? What is going well?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Powerful Connections - ISTE 2015


(Meeting with my Google Innovator friends #gtamtv12)

Attending ISTE 2015 was a great experience. I was able to connect with many people in my Personal Learning Network (PLN) in person, I refer to these people as Edurockstars. I greatly value the relationship I have formed with other teachers in similar positions. I often reach out via Twitter and Google+, when I need to bounce ideas off of others or have questions. Now, after attending ISTE, I have the personal connection that was made at the conference. An added bonus, was meeting the companies and sometimes person, yes singular, who create the wonderful tools I use on a daily basis. One day of the conference, while walking down the hall, I saw the creators of Padlet, Kaizena and EDusight. I pointed out their shirts to my friend and they heard me say their names, they stopped and asked if we use the tools and told us they created them. So neat! This was one of many experiences I had talking with companies and creators. It a great experience because I was able to tell them about the features I love to use, and things I would like to see added or changed. I guess I will have to wait and see if anything comes of it.  

(Their shirts explain it all!)

(My Explain Everything fan girl moment)

I also had the privilege of presenting at ISTE. This was my first large national conference presentation. It was an interesting experience for me to present in front of people from all of the world. My birds-of-a-feather session turned into a lecture at the last minute and the ignite I participated in was held in the vendor hall on a stage. Both were in settings I have never presented in before and I feel went well. I look forward to more opportunities presenting for a global audience in person.

(Getting ready to go on stage for the Ignite session)

Check out my Ignite Session

Check out my Birds of a feather interactive session notes

Let's keep connecting and learning with one another.
Are you using Google Apps for Education with primary age students? What are some things you are doing? Are you using Add-ons with students or as a teacher? Please share!!