Friday, December 27, 2013


I met an intriguing person while attending #Ties13 . He travels the world and speaks on different topics but the two that stood out to me the most are

  • What are we doing with technology integration in our schools to make it  “what is best for kids?”
  • What does your your personal digital footprint look like?
I attended a few of his break out sessions and a quickly jotted down a few more points that I have been reflecting on over the past two weeks.
  • How are you different than anyone else?
  • Am I empowering teachers or am I creating learners who are dependent upon me?
    • Students don't wait for a workshop on blogging, they Google it and figure it out.
  • Should we all use the same tools or should teachers pick what is best for them?
    • By using the same tools teachers are able to help each other and share resources with one another. 
I will be expanding on each of these ideas in future blog posts.
If you want to learn more about him you can visit his blog The Principal of Change.

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