Saturday, January 18, 2014

The next five years....

After a lot of research, reaching out to others and thinking about my future, I have decided to apply to the following two programs:

  • Interdisciplinary PhD in Education Sciences with a Focus in School Technology Leadership at the University of Kentucky 
  • Doctor of Education(Ed.D.) Educational Technology with the College of Education at Boise State University
I hope to being school this fall. Now, I am struggling to write my personal statement. Here is what I know :
  • I like to help people 
  • I like to teach
  • I like to learn from others 
  • I like to connect with other educators
  • I am interested in how both kids and adults learn
  • I am intrigued how educational settings are changing with the introduction of mobile devices
  • I am interested in finding out how student engagement is evolving
However, what I do not know is what "specifically" I want to spend the next four to five years researching and studying. 

I am looking for advice. Have you been in this situation before? What have you done to find focus? Have you graduated from either of the programs or are you in one now?