Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Presenting with Google Slides

It is no surprise that I am a fan of Google Apps for Education and almost all things Google related.

I often use Google Slides when presenting at a conference and sometimes need to access other websites easily. So my screen typically looks something like this:
Instead of going full screen like the image below.

In the past there were two ways that I would get to a screen for presenting.

  1. The first option I would use is found inside of Google Slides while editing the document. I would click on "Present with speaker notes" and click away from the notes, leaving just the presentation with access to my tabs.
  2. The second option I would use  is publishing the presentation to the web and using a special URL

Not any more my friends, not any more! 
Today I stumbled upon an easy fix on the Shake Up Learning Blog. Find the word "edit" in the url and replace it with the word "preview." Thanks Kasey!

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