Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Twin Cities Start Up Weekend EDU 2016 - Creation Time- Part 3

A side rule in startup weekend is that if you have at least four people who are interested in creating a project, you can go ahead and create it! So, even though I did not make the top 10 in sticky note voting, I did have three other people interested in helping make my dream a reality!

Syeed, Michael, Jon, and I  created team DigiDoc.

Our core team spent the weekend creating a tool that could help teachers organize and track their CEUs, while storing them in a secure space. Throughout the weekend, we were able to work with other attendees and mentors to create our program. I was amazed at times when a handful of people would be working on the code to run our program.

It was exciting to me when I understood what was being talked about. Having taught lessons from Code.org's K-5 fundamentals courses, I now know basic vocabulary like function, loop, and algorithm.  Every once in a while I would hear these words and have a small bit of insight into what they were currently working on. 

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