Thursday, February 6, 2014

23 Mobile Things 2. Mobile Devices

From the second  blog post on Mobile Devices I have reflected on a few tips and how they save me time.

Many of the tips found on the site are included in the iPad Basics class I teach for:

  • My school district 
  • Conferences
  • Community Education

Here are a few that want to share and a few that are new to me!!

  • If you put your phone on airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast -
  • In Safari, hold down the period key to quickly add a domain in the search bar
  • 4/5 finger 
    • Swipe to go between open apps
    • Push up from the bottom of the screen to see open apps
    • Bring fingers together to get out of app
  • When iPad is locked, put your finger on the camera in the lower right corner and slide it all the way up to quickly access your camera
  • Turn on Speak Selection in
    • Settings
      • General
        • Accessibility
          • Speak Selection
            • Turn "On"
  • Add a website to your home screen in Safari
What are your favorite tips to share? Please let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Great start to 23 Mobile things! Thanks for sharing the links to your iPad slides. What a wonderful resource. Keep it up!

    John Meyerhofer
    CMLE 23 Mobile Thing Coach