Wednesday, May 28, 2014

23 Mobile Things #15 Infographics

This is a tool I never thought to look for on my iPad. In the past I have used thinglink and canva on my computer to create visuals. I had fun playing around with both


Infographics Hub

I got side tracked as I was exploring the apps and started reading an infographic about the "Mobile Lives of College Students." I found it interesting that 40% of students in this study were using iOS Devices. Another infographic caught my eye on traveling. They stated that travelers between 18-25 years of age design themselves a Travellers, backpackers or tourists and the average cost of a trip is 1,400 euros. This study was done in the UK.

I could see these apps being used to get students started when thinking about research projects and then teaching them to check on the facts presented.

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