Friday, May 16, 2014

Building Activities for Self Correcting Stations

Teachers who have a SMARTboard can use it as a great interactive tool. One of my favorite features in SMARTNotebook is the "Activity Builder." This tool allows me as a teacher to create interactive, self-correcting lessons that my students can use independently. 

In the example above, the number "one" will accept pictures that show one of something and reject pictures that show two objects. The "two" will accept the pictures that have two of something and reject the pictures that only have one. The activity builder allows teachers to have many objects on one page accept/reject items.

When used as a station, students are able to interact with the lesson and get immediate feedback. Think of all the possibilities you have for creating lessons with this one tool. You can have one single item accept/reject or multiple on the same page. You are able to use text or images as your object that accept/reject. While many pictures are available for teachers in their "Gallery Essentials,"it is not limited to just there. SMART will allow pictures copied from a Google Image search or uploaded from a camera.

Watch this video to get started creating lessons with the Activity Builder. (Override YouTube if you are at school)

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