Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents Day 2016

Today I am one of many teachers who won't be at school working, many of us are at home working. Today is Presidents Day. 
Here is a list of what I will be doing today, what are you doing?

1. While drinking coffee and watching the morning news, I am scrolling through a recap of the Twitter chat #MNlead that happened last night.

2. I recently found which is a crowdsourced, searchable map and calendar of education events around the world. If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend checking it out and adding events to it!

3. Have you attended a free day of learning around computer science in elementary education? If you haven't, I invite you to join me at any of my upcoming workshops! Learn more about the at

4. I am preparing my presentation on Formative Assessment tools for this Wednesday. I get to have an hour with new educators to share a few best practices and have a discussion around what they are doing and what they would like to do . Do you have any tools you love and want to share?

5. I am working on finding funding for my trip to ISTE 2016! I will be speaking at the conference. I have applied to be a volunteer and have received a scholarship from CMLE (Thank you!!) Any suggestions for other places to look?

6.Working on the last few finishing touches for my MN iOS Summit presentation on why and how kids can code in your elementary classrooms. I think pictures speak louder than words, do you have any pictures you love and would be willing to share with me? I am looking for students who are working through any computer science lessons, with or without technology.

7. Checking email. It seems as though it is a never ending task! It is a great treat to get emails like the following.   I love to hear how people are implementing their learning and of their "problems." This is a great problem to have! Do you have a story to share? Feel free to email me

Now it's time to refresh my coffee cup and continue on with my to-do list. The first thing will be to check in with EdSurge  and see if they have anything about theeducationcalendar and if not I will share it with them!

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