Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Google Drive Bingo for Beginners

Tonight I will be leading a Community Education class on the topic of Google Drive for beginners.

Planning for tonight my goals include

  • How to access Google Drive
  • Introduction to Google Drive
  • Creating, accessing, and sharing Google Docs
  • Finding items that were shared with you

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I will be sharing Kasey Bell's Google Drive and Google Doc Cheat Sheets. You can find them here. You can find her on Twitter @ShakeUPLearning .

As a way to wrap up class and check for understanding, I am borrowing Alice Keeler's Bingo Board. You can find her on Twitter @AliceKeeler . Here is her blog post and template. Here is my version of the Bingo boards with the "I can" statements I am hoping my attendees will walk away from class with. 

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