Sunday, March 13, 2016

Twin Cities Start Up Weekend EDU 2016 - Introduction to Ermarie - Part 1

It was a blur of a weekend. We started Friday night at 5:30pm with the opportunity to pitch an idea. Then, moved into forming teams to create projects around popular pitches and ended with a presentation of the final products on Sunday evening at 6pm. 

After years of asking other people if they had a solution or could create a solution, I finally took care of it! 

What is the solution for? As a teacher in Minnesota, I need to attend 125 hours of Professional Development (PD) every five years. I also need to attend PD on five different topics. With a June 30th deadline, I need to turn in all of my documents to the state of Minnesota to renew my license. 

For the last eight years, I have kept all of my documents in a file folder or three ring binder. Even though I would try to stay organized and keep a running total of my hours, it would always turn into a mess that would require hours of organization and compilation in order to turn it in. 

As a person who is pretty interested in technology, I turned to cloud storage options to try and help with this mess. While I didn’t have a problem with the options I tried, they just were not created for this situation. I always thought: “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place that I could organize and save all of my documents somewhere online that I am in control of?” 

I look forward to sharing more information with you about Ermarie (the name has changed from DigiDocs during startup weekend to now Ermarie). Ermarie will help you easily save your documents to your own online secure storage space. Documents can be uploaded from your computer or captured with the camera on our phone. When the time comes to share your documents, you have the ability to easily share a link with a time limit that you set. 

The two qualities that make this program stand alone from other options are ease of use and ownership. A key feature of Ermarie is that you are the owner of the information, the information follows you wherever you go. I look forward to sharing more of Ermarie's details with you! Try it out and then PLEASE give me your feedback!! We are in the very early stages of sharing this great app with people and are eagerly awaiting your feedback!!

The team behind DigiDocs (now Ermarie) and one of our mentors Eric Nelson celebrating after a long weekend!

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