Friday, July 20, 2018

Day 5 - Infysos Pathfinders Institute

Day 5

Skills, practices, concepts
- Keyboarding
- You can use the keyboard to control what happens on the screen
- We want you to use scissors, but why? are we teaching the concept and why we use scissors
- Make sue your learning concepts are identified first

Creating and environment that is conducive to letting kids have their own "ah-ha" moments.

Family Days with ScratchJR and Kibo
- Host a family day!
Work with Scratch JR and/or Kibo in your community. You can host a family event. Sign up to access materials to help you host your day!

Tufts Early Childhood Technology (ECT) Graduate Certificate Program 
-2 required online courses and 1 week residency at Tufts
-Hands on experience teaching the KIBO robot, ScratchJR and other technologies at the Eliot Pearson Children's School

Current Research Projects
- family days (Mahdu Govind)
- the coding brain (I really want to follow this!!!)
- bioengineering (Amanda Stawhacker) All of the instructions are open sourc
      -  Introducing Bioengineering in Kindergarten (provide feedback!)
      - Learn more about CRISPR

National Science Foundation
STEM for all video showcase 

Things to dig into 

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